St Mary's Island History Group

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St Mary's Island is a wealth of stories -- of people, heritage, new life and hope.


Welcome to our web site  that is growing as our Group grows.


We have already had some very successful meetings and set up some contact groups.


We have identified research that we want to do on this Island as well as present its many layers of history.


Read about what our research found out about the Island between 1914 and 2014.


Take time to read our latest Newsletter and we will then look forward to meeting you soon.



Our Twenty Years exhibition booklet

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Over 150 people came to the Community Centre at Island Way West where we delivered on a promise of a fascinating insight into how in 20 years the Island of today has come from the flattened land of the Dockyard before it.


The History Group had been collecting photographs and speaking with Islanders to compile a timeline covering from when the Island was cleared after being part of Chatham Dockyard until today when close to 5,000 people are living here.

Photographs from the early days and beyond were also lent to us and we have produced a booklet which you can get via our contact page.

Meeting dates and a 'Battle' for June


Just to make sure -- especially after  the Secretary got our dates wrong on the newsletter -- our next meeting is Monday, 13 March, at St Mary's Island Community Centre where local speaker Cyril Baldwyn will be with us to reveal a lot about 'Eccentric Britain.'


We will also be hearing more about a first American who makes a great impact still today even though she is just a few miles away from us.


As usual a 7.30pm start with visitors always welcome for £2.


Just to make sure we have you properly informed -- the dates for future meetings through  2017 are 15 May, 10 July and 11 September. The May date will be our Annual General Meeting plus speaker and we are always looking out for committee members and researchers to help us.


First details of events to mark the 350th anniversary of the Battle of Medway to be  in June, are being announced and it looks very likely that St Mary's Island History Group will be carrying out more research and even offering our guided walks  to visitors. The Island will certainly be involved and also have a grandstand view of activities. Particularly put the Saturday, 17 June, in your diaries, keep check on our newsletter and join us!


Do remember we can always welcome new members and visitors at our meetings plus we are also seeking speakers either as the main event or as interesting extra stories  for our meetings. Make contact via the contact page.

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